Monday Musings – On Teaching

“Many teachers, including some who got high reputations by doing so, contented themselves with putting up a show, often a brilliant one, in front of those who were to be instructed – and of this performance both sides might be the dupes. Whereas the real teacher cares only for one thing, that the matter should be understood; and into that process he vanishes.”

From: ‘The Sandcastle’, by Iris Murdoch.

This is my first experience reading Iris Murdoch and I am enjoying it immensely.  I admire the way she is able to write and establish characters within a couple of pages. Through the storyline she weaves philosophical comments about life, art and people, without the narrative becoming heavy or too intellectual. This novel gives me much to enjoy and think about.

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3 Responses to Monday Musings – On Teaching

  1. Tiina says:

    I have read one novel by Murdoch some years ago, Nuns and Soldiers. I really should read more of her work.


    • 88novels says:

      Hi Tiina, Thank you so much for responding! Do you still recall how you liked ‘Nuns and Soldiers’? It’s one of the three books by Iris Murdoch that I own, but I haven’t gotten round to it yet. I’d love to hear what you thought of it. Best, Femke

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