Susan Hill – Howard’s End is on the Landing

Although this is subtitled ‘A year of reading from the home’ these are really an established novelist’s memoirs, and I found them very enjoyable. I sometimes did not like the author’s tone, but I loved her stories about discovering books and meeting famous authors. The pleasure I received from reading these memoirs originated from the author’s passion for books and reading, I found that quite inspiring. And she pointed me to some authors that I had not heard of before and am now very much looking forward to reading.

From this book I have compiled the following list of works and authors that I would like to explore further

  • Barbara Pym – Jane and Prudence (p. 23)
  • Patrick Leigh Fermor – A time of gifts (p. 49)
  • Elizabeth Jane Howard (p. 58)
  • Penelope Fitzgerald – The blue flower (p. 74)
  • Iris Murdoch –  The Bell (p. 115)
  • Virginia Woolf –  A writer’s diary (p. 128)
  • Elizabeth Bowen – The last September (p. 139)
  • Anthony Trollope –  The way we live now (p. 184)
  • Graham Greene – The heart of the matter (p. 192)
  • Thomas Hardy – The mayor of Casterbridge (p. 209)
  • F.M. Mayor – The rector’s daughter
  • Bruce Chatwin

And finally, I look forward to reading some of Susan Hill’s work. I see she has a very versatile output and after reading her memoirs, I would like to explore more.

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